Trailer Mounted Concrete Pump

The Trailer Mounted Concrete Pump is a small concrete pump mounted on a trailer, used to pump the concrete from the concrete truck mixer to the job site. Camelway concrete trailer pump is manufactured by electric and diesel for your use on sites. The trailer Mounted Pumps prove their worth and superior performance in various applications. The Trailer Mounted Pump is commonly referred to as a stationary pump or trailermounted concrete pump. These pumps require truck for towing to transport it to any construction sites. These pumps require steel pipes and rubber concrete placing hoses to be manually attached to the outlet of the machine. The hoses are linked together and lead to wherever the concrete needs to be placed. Trailer pumps normally pump concrete at lower volumes than boom pumps.

concrete pumping

Advantage of our Trailer Mounted Concrete Pump

  • Low Costs and Wide Adaptability

  • Advanced Hydraulic System

  • Intelligent Control

  • Efficient Pump System


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