Sicoma Mao Concrete Mixer


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Camelway Machinery is the biggest customer and distributor of SICOMA company in Central China thus endowed with strong price advantages and delivery priority.

All our SICOMA products are guaranteed SICOMA original with global unique code which can be verified by SICOMA company and enjoy SICOMA global service. For any found fake, Camelway shall compensate 10 times your payment.



Sicoma’s shaft seals are effective and long lasting. While other seals pump grease through a “labyrinth” into the mixer to counteract the pressure of the concrete entering the seal, Sicoma’s shaft seal acts as a one-way valve. The pressure of the concrete, due to its level being above the shaft, actually closes the flexible seal against the shaft. The internal cavity is filled with grease but very little escapes through the seal; its function is only to lubricate the moving surfaces. As a result, no contamination of the mix occurs and usage of grease is a mere 650 grams per day – 1/20th of other leading models. This major feature is internationally patented and is only found on Sicoma mixers.


Special box sections unique to the MAO’s extra-rigid design hold mixer shape and maintain shaft alignment during heavy mixing periods. Compare with lighter designs; the MAO’s resistance to twisting preserves the full life of seals and bearings, making it one of the most reliable mixers in the world today.


Brinell 500 Ni-hard tiles give longer life with extra-abrasive aggregates, compared with others of lower hardness. All tiles are identical and all mixers use the same size, reducing stock and simplifying installation. Note that offset joint/rhombic tiles have been discontinued, since no advantage has been found in practice.




The MAO’s high-efficiency 2-stage design does not require a cooler, even for 24 hour 7 days a week continuous duty. Gearboxes and all bearings are oil-bath lubricated, eliminating the need for frequent greasing and its attendant maintenance hazard. All gearboxes are guaranteed for 5 years/10,000 hours of use.




V-belt drive absorbs shock loads whilst a very strong positive coupling between the two drives synchronizes the shafts, making it virtually impossible for the two shafts to get “out of sync”. Gearboxes are coupled to the shafts through flexible joints to eliminate misalignment and wear under heavy loads Models up to MAO 7500 have two motors. MAO9000 and MAO12000 “Janus” have four motors, balancing the torques in the shafts and creating an extremely rugged design.


Constant lubrication of shaft seals ensure trouble free life. The grease from the pump is sequenced to each seal in turn; if any path is blocked, a sensor sends a signal to the alarm unit. The seal is so effective, however, that it can operate for extended periods with no damage or contamination. Discharge door and actuator pivots are lubricated manually from a single location. Optional Grease Refill Cart: allows the grease reservoir to be refilled without any danger of contamination and makes it an easy job.




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