Continuous Concrete Mixing Plants

The continuous mixing plant is a type of plant that equipped with a continuous twin shaft mixer. Compared with the batching plant, it has the characteristics of large capacity and continuous discharge which capacity up to 800 ton per hour, suitable for high demand for concrete, especially for the production ofzero slump concreteandroad basement foundations materials, such asroller compacted concrete,cement-treated base,stabilized soil,lime soil,cement soil,gravel-cement, etc. In addition, the continuous mixing plant can mix asphalt in cold mothed. The following figures is mobile and fixed Continuous Mixing Plant:

fixed Continuous Mixing Plant

mobile Continuous Mixing Plant

The Continuous Mixing Plant is used to prepare the material that will form the base layer in the construction of roads and highways. The speed of construction progress demands a high production volume of these plants (300 – 800 Tn / h) in a continuous process.

Among the main characteristics of our gravel-cement plants, we have:

  1. Nominal production capacity in a range of 300 to 800 Tn / hour.

  2. Fixed, portable or mobile plants.

  3. Number of aggregates between 2 and 4.

  4. Continuous weighing and proportional dosing of cement and aggregates.

  5. Unload of product in waiting hopper direct to truck.

  6. Automatic control of dosing and weighing.

  7. The system allows the record of operations and incidents, as well as the reporting related to work, trucks, clients, etc.


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